What do you do when someone dies?

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Many people don’t know whom to contact when someone dies.  In most instances, it will depend on where and how the person dies.

When someone dies at home, his or her Doctor is the first person who you should call. The Doctor will prepare a death certificate. Then call the Funeral Director to arrange for the deceased to be transferred into their care. McCormack Funerals 24 hour telephone number is 1800 080 909 and we can attend to any arrangements on your behalf.

When someone dies in a Nursing Home, the staff at the facility will call the Funeral Director nominated by the family at the time the now deceased first moved in. The staff will also make arrangements for the Doctor to issue a medical certificate noting the cause of death. If the deceased is to be cremated, you should notify the Nursing Home as additional documentation will need to be prepared.

When someone dies in a hospital, the family calls the Funeral Director of their choice who will make all the necessary arrangements with the hospital, transfer the deceased to the funeral home, confirm arrangements for cremation or burial and attend to all the details involved in arranging the funeral.

When a death is sudden and unexpected, accidental or a suicide, the doctor or the family must notify the police. In these circumstances it is important the deceased is not moved without the authorisation of the Coroner.

The Police will contact the government appointed funeral home to transfer the deceased from the place of death to the Coroner’s mortuary. The Coroner will always investigate the cause of death, which may involve a post mortem examination. This investigation may delay the funeral arrangements.

When someone dies interstate or overseas, the local procedures must be followed and local authorities will liaise with your Funeral Director while making arrangements for the deceased to be brought home.

Because so many Australians are migrants, there are those who wish to be interred in the lands of origin. Your Funeral Director will attend to this responsibility on behalf of the family.