What happens at the Arrangement Conference?

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The arrangement conference is the initial meeting that you have with the Funeral Director.  This conference is generally held either at a family home or at the Funeral Director’s premises 1 – 2 days after the death occurs.

Generally the meeting will take between 1 – 2 hours and you will discuss both the practical and celebratory aspects of the funeral.

You will need to make a series of decisions and that’s why generally speaking a number of family members will be in attendance. The type of decisions you will need to make include:

What date and time you would like to hold the funeral.

The location of where the funeral will be held.

Will you require a Memorial Book to capture the names of those in attendance?

Will a member of the clergy, civil celebrant or family member lead the service?

How many vehicles are required to transport family members to the service.

Will the death and funeral be advertised in the newspaper?

Will there be a viewing? At what location is the viewing to take place?

What clothing you would like your loved one to wear.

Will you require catering to be provided either at the service or the gathering afterwards.

Will music (taped or live) be a part of the service?

Will a DVD Tribute be played as a part of the service?

Will there be any personal items of significance on display at the funeral?

Will you or the funeral director be providing the pallbearers?

Will you require any printed materials to be prepared for distribution at the funeral?