Being a well-established funeral home, we assist the grieving family in every way. From the minute we get the call from the family, to the transportation of the deceased, to arranging the funeral with the grieving family right through to conducting the funeral as discussed, we take care of everything.

The staff at McCormack Funerals are mindful of the feelings, needs and wishes of the families they care for, and have the ability to attend to all matters with kindness and compassion that can only be achieved through many years of personal and professional service.

Being a family-owned funeral business is important.  Many funeral homes are owned by big publicly listed corporations who centralise services like mortuary care and where your loved one is stored.  Our business is owned by a family that has been in the funeral industry for many years and many of our family members are involved in the day to day running of the business.  We also believe that being locally run – and run by locals – is incredibly important as each community has a whole range of traditions and customs that are unique to them.  We use local services and support the communities we live and work in.